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I’m excited to share that three new lessons went live inside The Content Strategy & Marketing Course curriculum last weekend.

My new lessons focus on what to do AFTER you have all the training necessary to become a knowledgeable, expert Content Strategist ready to work as a content marketing consultant, entrepreneur, or high-value agency member.

My goal with these new lessons is to address specific questions I see, repeated in my community:

  • How do you close a prospective lead on content creation/content marketing services?
  • How do I price my services as a content creator/content marketer?
  • How can I actually use Instagram to get leads and subscribers to my client’s blog content? How can I tie an Instagram post to engagement?

I’ve had all these questions come my way from members of my Facebook group, as well as all-access course students.

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content strategy and marketing course update

Course Update: New Lessons Include How to Consult Your Clients, Price Guide, & Gain Leads from Instagram

My three new lessons address those (very important and critical) topics:

1. Pricing Guide for Content Creators, Freelancers & Marketers: Video explaining how to price your services as a content creator, freelancer, marketer & agency, complete with templates and a comprehensive spreadsheet of our content pricing and model through the past 7 years (up-to-date as of March 2018),

2. How to Guide Content Strategy & Marketing Clients to a Close [Guiding Principles + PDF Guides/Call Recording]: Video explaining how to close a client, complete with a sales call recording from one of our Strategists, as well as consultation templates and a pre-call prep guide, pulled from 7 years of teaching my team at Express Writers how to close thousands of clients.

I’ve put a sneak peek of this lesson on YouTube. You can watch it here:

3. Instagram: How to Get More Leads & Subscribers: Video demo demonstrating 3-4 key methods to earn more traction from you (or your client’s) Instagram account daily.

For all enrolled students, you can login now and access these three new lessons. 

When you login, go to Bonuses & Extras (2018: All-Access Practical Content Strategy & Marketing Course) > to check out your three new lessons.

Here’s where you’ll see those lessons, once you’re inside Bonuses & Extras:

new course lessons content strategy & marketing course

And don’t forget… these additional new lessons were added two weeks ago (also in Bonuses):

  • Twitter Growth Hacking (2018): Watch me demonstrate organic Twitter growth methods that you can repeat for any client to garner leads and traction (plus, who to hire if you don’t have the time – for a nominal fee)
  • See Completed BSE’s From a Graduate of The Content Strategy & Marketing Course

Login now to access your new lessons.

content strategy course ctaWhat You Can Expect from My Industry Comprehensive Course

Right now, The Content Strategy & Marketing Course is one of the most comprehensive courses in the industry, with over 75 video lessons, workbooks, and an entire process that helps you build a Brand Strategy, hands-on with my feedback, throughout the course. By the end of the course, you’ll have all the pieces of a working strategy right there at your fingertips, ready to go. (I’ve had students build their Brand Strategy for an actual client of theirs.) Not to mention publishing a bestselling book on the same topic.

I officially launched my course last September 2017, and I started writing and filming it in April of 2017.

There’s one thing my students have come to expect from me – and even though this takes some serious work on my part, I’m wholeheartedly all about it: providing ongoing support, curriculum updates and new, industry-tested training lessons.

As an evergreen course (I don’t do the whole open and close thing), I’m CONSTANTLY tweaking and updating the curriculum. Since my students get lifetime access, this provides a lot of benefits.

I’m just going to say it: whoever said courses are passive income was WRONG.

If you truly want to create a strong training curriculum, I think that it’s critical to constantly update and add to your course, especially in an industry that changes so much like content creation and content marketing.

Sure, you can create something and just “get it out there,” but are you really serving your audience in the best way possible by doing that?

With my course, you’ll never get an instructor who just sits back.

And on that note, I’ll end our announcement for today.

Interested in enrolling? Talk to my team today via live chat (the little blue button on the bottom right), and we’ll help you find out if you’re a fit for my comprehensive, 6-week training.

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