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Years ago, I dropped out of college to follow my passion and start an agency (Express Writers) from nothing. I put a good deal of sweat and hard work into my dream, and grew my business to over $4.5M in sales and nearly 90 team members on staff. I’ve gone on to launch five brands in total.

I did not get here by accident. I built my businesses 100% through value-focused, reader-first content. I put into place a content marketing process and plan that worked, with building blocks, processes, and methodologies. I believe that this process is repeatable for anyone.

Today, you can get my best-selling books on marketing on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. So You Think You Can Write has been purchased over 3,000 times. And Practical Content Strategy & Marketing has been read in over 90 countries worldwide. I published my second book to accompany the course I created in 2017, the Content Strategy & Marketing Course. My third book, Woman Risingearned 1,000 readers organically on Amazon during debut launch week on February, 2020. My fourth book, Skip the Degree & Save the Tuition, is in the works as we speak.

But before any of this, there was a long road I’ll always remember.

Raised just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I knew I loved writing from a very early age.

I was raised in a cult. 

Prior to the launch of my new book, I didn’t talk about this side of my life much, because for the first five years out of the near-decade I’ve been in business, it’s been difficult to bring up publicly. (Telling your story, however, is freedom. And it can be unexpectedly liberating for others to hear.)

I broke out in 2012.

I was born into the cult, imprisoned at birth, and subjected to a life that I nearly broke under. The religious constraints I was forced into controlled my day, moment by moment.

To escape the regime and abuse, my escape was through my passion. And that’s why my childhood focused on reading and writing. My imagination and creating stories in my head and on paper gave me a much-needed outlet of escape and dreams. The reality in a book was better than the one around me.

At 19 years old, I was failing college, and woke up one day with this simple thought: how can I do what I love, and make money doing it? 

I knew the answer: writing. That one simple thought gave me enough fuel to teach myself writing and earn my first clients, all within three months.

When I failed my semester at college, I focused on my fledgling writing skills. I put 90-hour work weeks in, called leads from Craigslist, and made sure I was always on time and consistent with quality. I also learned as much as I could every day. Before I knew it (in less than three months!), I was running a small business with a lot of return clients.

I’m so thankful I decided to follow my passions. Because incidentally, my business actually gave me the means I needed to escape the cult. Through my baby writing business, I saved up the cash I needed to buy a car and break out. The reason I woke up to the fact that I needed to escape was incidentally also my business. When my dad and mom tried to control my profit margins and stop my success, I knew I had to get out. Being locked up, beaten, and abused didn’t wake me up as much as that one fact did.

Two years later, I left my father’s church in the middle of the night to escape an increasingly abusive environment.

And my business grew and grew. Success, to my surprise, was within my reach.

I’ve always been curious about entrepreneurship and writing

To fill you in on more of the story, without giving you the actual book I wrote on the story

At the age of 9, I’d filled countless journals full of stories.

One story I especially loved writing turned into 200 pages and evolved into a complete medieval tale with well-developed characters and a central story plot, by the age of 12.

I consumed and read hundreds of books year after year, setting my world alight.

And my ambitions.

Insatiable curiosity led me online (it is still amazing to me that my father purchased and let me use a computer), and by 13, I hustled my way to my very first online payday.

Scams were everywhere, but I discovered how to avoid them.

Making money online was possible.

A new door had opened.

But at 19, I found myself halfway through nursing school, working overnight shifts at a restaurant to fund college.

Slowly but surely, I realized the truth:

I hated my life.

And then it got worse…

I failed the first semester.

When I walked out on the clinical floor, I knew in my heart it wasn’t for me. But my parents were pushing me towards it, and so I enrolled again.

Until one morning, I woke up and asked myself the BIG question:

What can I do that I’d enjoy doing for the rest of my life? What path would guarantee a lifetime of happiness?

Like a light bulb flicking on, the answer was simple.

Make a living writing.

From that morning, I was determined to figure out HOW to do it.

I wasted no time in setting up profiles on the major freelance platforms.

Just three months later, I had more clients than I could handle.

I didn’t just figure out how to make a living by writing.

I learned:

  • How to write incredible SEO articles
  • How to rank in the top 3 spots of Google

But most importantly:

I learned how to do this consistently, again and again.

The next step was to start a company.

Targeting clients directly through email, I took actionable steps to creating the life I wanted.

I was a relentless hustler, because I loved doing it.

My business idea took off immediately.

Express Writers’ first site, top (hand-coded by me and a designer in the Philippines): bottom, current site with custom eCommerce platform and over 1,000 published blogs.

But, since I’d enrolled in nursing school again, I found myself constantly facing a dilemma: make my client’s deadline, or study for next week’s test?

I always chose option A.

When I failed nursing school for the second time, my instructor looked me straight in the eyes and told me exactly what I needed to hear:

When you talk about the business you started, you have a spark in your eyes. Go do that.

Drying my tears, I took her advice and jumped head-first into growing and running my content agency, Express Writers.

It wasn’t always easy. Not by a long shot.

Every year, we made money – good money – but things didn’t really come together for a long time.

I worked hard for five years. Then, in the sixth year, the magic happened.

But before that, there was mayhem…

Like most freelancers, I endured the humble beginnings of late nights and low pay. Yet, I’ll never regret those times as it was through that hard work that I honed the content skills I have today.

Year on year, our team and income grew significantly, before disaster struck in the fifth year.

I almost lost it all.

Imagine this:

You put your faith in two managers. Then they scam you, breaking your trust and coming close to crushing everything you had worked for.

Their attempts to swipe our client list and clone our products and services cost me a fortune.

But through struggle comes growth.

Starting anew, I was ready to make a stand.

Confident in my knowledge of how to hire. and how to trust, I rebuilt the business even better than before.

Today, our team is a thriving hub of creativity and passion, full of bright ideas and remarkable strategic moves.

Everyday, I feel honored to be working with them, helping our clients’ content gain real traction.

Why I believe in risks — and how they’re necessary to success

Ray Bradbury once said:

First you jump off the cliff, and then you build your wings on the way down.

I’m where I am now because I took risks.

Today, you can see the impact those risks have had on my content agency, Express Writers:

  • Thousands of international clients around the globe, including household names like Johnson & Johnson, Walmart and Nordstrom.
  • A 99% success rate with  5,000 projects in six years of business
  • Featured in Forbes
  • Over 12,000 organic keyword spots in Google, which accounts for 99% of our new leads and sales.

From the start, I’ve found real happiness working with talented people, discovering how to train them and how to improve their skill-set in writing and strategic content marketing.

Our primary focus has always been to consistently create amazing content.

That’s why we have the incredible success we enjoy now.

Suddenly, I discovered an opportunity to not only help my business thrive, but also help the industry grow.

When a client invited me to teach his office practical content strategy, it sparked the idea of creating a course.

My in-depth research uncovered the truth:

People lacked the knowledge of content marketing – a remarkably profitable skill.

Instantly, I took action.

Consulting with content marketers and industry experts, I put in thousands of hours to create the new course.

And it paid off.

75% of the people who took the initial survey ended up investing at the beta launch.

Since the relaunch in 2017, the new and improved course continues to reap rewards for many entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses around the world.

My journey has become an ongoing commitment

I believe things come together when you choose to care.

Because when you care about yourself, your quality of knowledge, and who you serve, then you can enjoy real fulfillment and success.

I’m here to help make a difference.

I want to help you develop content marketing skills you earn real money from and enjoy using. Proven methods, systems, and knowledgetailored for you, that will help you become an expert in your field.

Today, there is a myriad of executive-board-friendly talk in corporate business, which fails to truly convey real world skills.

I’m known for being practical in the industry, instantly cutting through the sea of confusion to deliver results.

You probably wonder if I sell things.

Yes, of course I sell things. This is a business.

But here’s the thing:

The repertoire of knowledge I’ve built through my business is 100% free.

If you want to start learning profitable content strategy and marketing today, check out our industry guides.

You can jumpstart your business by reading our blog for lots of case studies and informational guides.

Best of all:

You can feel secure knowing that I careI will bring you the best of what I’ve spent years learning, through trial, error, and finally, success.

Sure, I have crap days, just like you. But here’s my promise to you: You can expect me to consistently care about giving you my very best.

Ready to take a HUGE action step forward in your content marketing?

I’m not going to tell you that you need to hustle.

I bet you’re here because you’re already set to hustle.

You might already know what hard times are like. Now, you’re ready for the good times.

You’re toughened up, ready to graft, ready to thrive.


Because you’re ready to earn success.

If that’s you, then you and I will make a FANTASTIC fit, my friend.

If you’ve invested REAL money and serious time trying to make content marketing work, you’ve proven that you’re willing to DO the work.

It’s clear you’re prepared to do what it takes.

But what most people don’t have is the right strategy to make the breakthrough.

You need to do the right work. Follow the right master plan.

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