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The experts behind the course

Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy

Lead Course Instructor & Creator

Julia McCoy is a serial entrepreneur and content marketer, with a knack for writing, creating and building successful ventures through content marketing. Back in 2011, she founded her content agency, Express Writers after dropping out of college, with nothing but a hope, dream, and $75. Today, her writing agency has over 90 members on staff, and has earned over $5 million to date in revenue.

Julia’s primary marketing avenue for her multi-million dollar, self-started content agency has always been content marketing. She grew her web presence for Express Writers to 100,000 in monthly visitors and thousands of clients simply through consistent, year-over-year blogging. As an instructor and educator, Julia’s passion is in finding a problem in her industry and solving it with practical strategies. Back in 2012, after seeing a need in the market, Julia wrote her own agency training to enable her best writers to become Content Strategists and equip her clients with smarter, more strategic content. In 2017, after a client asked her to travel to their office to teach content she decided to develop the industry’s most practical training course. Julia sat down for eight months to develop The Content Strategy & Marketing Course, crafted from the very cores of the internal training she built for her own writing team. Two years later she launched the industry’s only one-week intensive SEO writing course. In 2019, Julia’s courses surpassed over 300 enrolled students, and she launched The Content Hacker™ as her own personal brand to continue her long-term, legacy purpose of educating a new frontier of smart, purposeful, heart-centric, wildly-successful content marketers.

Forbes has named Julia a thought leader, and KPS’ Digital Marketing Report listed Julia as the top #33rd content marketer nationwide. She’s the author of three bestsellers: So You Think You Can Write? The Definitive Guide to Successful Online Writing, Practical Content Strategy & Marketing, the guidebook for the course you’re reading about, and her memoir, Woman Rising. Her self-published books have sold more than 5,000 copies and have been read in more than 90 countries. She’s also the host of The Write Podcast on iTunes, and makes frequent appearances on thought-leading publications as a guest author, including Content Marketing Institute, Search Engine Journal, to name a few.

Sujan Patel

Sujan Patel, Digital Marketing Expert

Teaching: Content Promotion

“The ‘real-world,’ ROI-focus of Julia’s new course is a reason I’m excited to contribute, and add my process and knowledge of content promotion skills and tactics. The most common reason why content fails is because of lack of traction or traffic. Now, with Julia’s course, you get to learn my tactics so you never have this problem.”

Sujan Patel is one of digital marketing’s most distinguished influencers.

In 13 years at the top, this prolific blogger co-founded the growth marketing agency WebProfits and has helped create several successful software companies including Narrow, Quu and Mailshake.

His marketing wisdom has been called upon by major Fortune 500 players including Salesforce and Mint. Incredibly, Sujan still finds time to contribute at least six posts per week to publications like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Sujan has helped almost 200 entrepreneurs grow their businesses with expert marketing advice. His book, Growth Hacking: 100 Days of Growth, is an international best-seller.

Steve Rayson

Steve Rayson, CoFounder, BuzzSumo

Teaching: An Intro to Great Headline & Topic Discovery

As co-founder of the leading content marketing tool BuzzSumo, Steve Rayson has established himself as a thought leader in all things content-related. He’s an entrepreneur with a long and impressive career of smart investments and great business in the content marketing industry.

He offers a unique perspective as a true influencer in the field, making him the perfect choice for anyone seeking valuable info on topic and headline discovery.

Steve will be using his experience and finely-tuned knowledge of the industry to relay words of wisdom in An Intro to Great Headline and Topic Discovery, two valuable educational topics for any content creator or marketer.

Michele Linn

Michele Linn, VP of Content, at CMI

Teaching: Content Marketing Strategy & Blogging

With two decades of experience and multiple awards under her belt, Michele Linn is regarded by many to be a thought leader in the industry, even heralded as a ‘corporate visionary.’

Michele was one of the first employees at Content Marketing Institute, and quickly ascended to the role of Director of Content Development. Content Marketing Institute is a behemoth in the industry and has proved to be the perfect stage for Michele’s content-focused strategies to truly flourish. In addition to the daily blog, CMI produces a variety of white papers, eBooks, and research papers and studies based on content marketing, and Michele was in charge of it all. Eventually, she became the Vice President of Content at Content Marketing Institute. 

Today, she leads her own research firm at Mantis Research, and she is a podcast host at Marketing Breakout Podcast.

She has published hundreds of articles, spoken at numerous industry events, and was named one of Folio’s Top Women in Media.

You can learn from her expertise in two separate lessons during the course, both of which are content marketing-focused: How CMI Was Built Through Content & Practical Content Marketing Strategy Tips and You Need a Blog: Ground Rules of Creating a Tangible Blogging Plan.

Ryan West

Ryan West, CSM, SEMrush

Teaching: Keyword Research & Reporting

When it comes to keyword research, SEMrush is a powerful industry-leading resource, software, SaaS, and all-around brand of leading thinkers and developers. It’s one of the oldest SEO suites on the block, too.

Customer Success Team Lead Ryan West has been at the helm of that success, which puts him in the position to deliver priceless advice on how to use this essential content strategy tool.

Ryan started his career in SEO at Pipeline Interactive, a website design company based in Lebanon, PA. After helping a variety of e-commerce clients  boost their websites with valuable content, he co-founded Absolute Usability before taking the role of Customer Success Specialist at SEMrush.

His specialization in keyword discovery and research primed him for success, and he was soon promoted to Customer Success Team Lead.

Given Ryan’s insider knowledge of all that SEMrush has to offer, he’ll be contributing to a few lessons, spread throughout several classes: an overview of how to find a great keyword, live tutorials of how to pull keywords for different brands with different goals, and how to track your rankings and set up competitor research in SEMrush.

Dan Levy

Dan Levy, Content Director, Unbounce

Teaching: Content Investment

Former Content Director of Unbounce Dan Levy has a rich history of global marketing, from media think tanks to fast-growing tech startups.

With roots in journalism training, Dan graduated from Boston University where he had been instrumental in leading several undergraduate writing workshops.

After college, Dan worked as a correspondent for the New London Day paper and blogger for Masc Magazine before moving on to Spafax, an international content marketing agency. It was there that he founded Sparksheet. The company’s multiplatform magazine has since went on to win a host of industry awards in media and marketing.

Dan progressed to Content Director at Unbounce, a Montreal-based marketing platform that has grown (through content marketing!) to become the #1 landing page platform for 15,000+ brands. During his time at Unbounce, Dan led the content marketing team as they grew the company to massive traffic numbers through incredible content. Julia couldn’t resist making Dan a part of her guest instructor team.

In the course, Dan will teach you how to turn your everyday blogging efforts into real-life profit. You can look forward to his personal story from the early days, of how Unbounce made ROI happen through blogging.

Shani Taylor

Shani Taylor, CSM, Airtable

Teaching: Advanced Editorial Calendar Building

With a dual MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, guest instructor Shani Taylor, Manager of Enterprise Customer Success at Airtable, is well qualified to lecture on the intricacies of content marketing in business.

She brings a mix of extensive formal education along with real world experience to impart cutting-edge insight that’s guaranteed to enhance your content strategy.

In fact, she’s already helped hundreds of customers solve their editorial calendar pain points in her current role at Airtable. Shani will be bringing this in-depth knowledge of editorial calendar strategy to the course in the Advanced Editorial Calendar Building Tutorial. This gives you an expert-level look at what it takes to plan out your editorial calendar for maximum success.

UX expert Veronica Camara

Veronica Camara, Founder, Content Strategist at AVO | Content Strategy Agency

Teaching: UX Writer vs. Copywriting: What's the Difference & How to Start a UX Writing Career

Veronica has worked as a content strategist in-house at a Fortune 500 financial company, and led content management for SaaS startups. Today, she leads strategy on every project for clients in finance, eComm,  EdTech and FinTech in her own agency, AVO | Content Strategy Agency.


Ryan Stewart, Serial Entrepreneur, SEO Expert, Author, & MBA

Teaching: How to Go From Solo Freelancer to Higher Income Team/Agency

Ryan Stewart has built and scaled multiple businesses with SEO. He grew an eCommerce site to 1.2 million organic visits per month, and sold that business successfully to a competitor in 2017. He built and scaled his own SEO agency WEBRIS from scratch to $1.1M in ARR in 16 months, and sold it in early 2018. Ryan understands what’s important to all of us—bottom-line revenue growth through what we do, either for our own brands, and/or for clients. He’s consulted to grow sales at multiple companies, founded a WordPress plugin Capture & Convert, and today runs The Blueprint Training, an online training platform that helps over 3,000 digital agencies scale their business through process, automation and technology.


David Martin, UX Strategist & the Founder of

Teaching: UX Elements that Turn Away Customers: What Kind of Popups are Bad vs. Good (Are Any?), & More

David Martin is a lead UX Strategist and the founder of, where he guides clients on how to build high-converting websites.


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