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Testimonials are presented not as guarantees, but rather as examples of what is possible with successful completion of my courses. They are provided for illustrative purposes only.


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8. Course Usage Policy

Course enrollments are for one person only, unless otherwise stated by the course site owner. If you do not have explicit permission from the site owner for sharing your login, please buy another seat if you need to add another person. Anyone caught with multiple user login attempts on one account will be immediately deleted, removed and banned from the course without a refund.


9. Course Refund Policy

For the one-time, full upfront payment on the all-access course, we offer a 14-day refund with proof of exercise completion and proof you completed and went through the full course.

It’s up to YOU to put in the work. We’ve done everything possible to make this the simplest and best course on the subject, and we know it works because it’s the exact same methodology that the instructor has practiced in her own agency, internally, to sell millions of dollars worth of content. You’ll receive over 6 workbooks and 30 exercises where you work at your own pace, and can receive live feedback from our team and Julia at the points of certification (labeled Brand Strategy Exercise in your workbook). However, if you’re on the fence, we want to give you every chance to buy with 100% confidence. So, you have a full 14 days to go through the implementation program, follow every simple step-by-step exercise plan, and realize how amazing it feels to implement your very own content strategy. We have had students go through the course in 14 days. It is entirely possible, by spending a recommended three hours per day. To request a refund within your first 14 days, you must provide proof of exercise completion for each of the BSEs (Brand Strategy Exercises) along with a thorough reason why you’re requesting a refund, and our administrators will check for proof of going through the whole course by reviewing heat maps within the course.


Monthly Membership fees are non-refundable and are charged automatically on each renewal date (i.e. monthly), for twelve consecutive months. You may not ask for a refund or cancel your monthly membership fees if you have accessed any of the course content. If you do cancel or default on a monthly payment (we receive a bounce-back), your course enrollment will immediately be deactivated and you will be removed from the private Facebook community.


Students caught sharing or disseminating course lectures, content, workbooks and information after receiving a refund will receive a notice from our legal team. If the infringement persists, we will not hesitate to sue for copyright infringement.


10. Course Discount Policy

You may not request a retroactive coupon discount applied at any time. If you have a coupon, use it at enrollment.

Requests for retroactive discounts will be denied.

Discounts do not apply if you’re enrolling in the course with all the bonuses, which is a standard $997 minimum per seat.

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