Do I get access to the entire course when I purchase and enroll?

Yes! You will immediately receive access to all the course content when you enroll. This applies to both the classes with single modules containing lessons, and the all-access pass with over 75 lessons, six workbooks, and a library of resources.

Is my enrollment purchase and login access permanent?

Yes! Your enrollment purchase guarantees your lifetime access to the course.

Do you offer agency discounts?

We do! Contact us for custom discounts for agency training at [email protected].

Is this a self-paced course or can I take it at my own pace?

Since you receive access to all the content as soon as you purchase it, you can absolutely take it at your own pace! In the all-access pass and in the classes, you’ll be able to join our private Facebook student community and get help on any questions, at any time.

What are BSEs?

BSEs are Brand Strategy Exercises created by the instructor, Julia McCoy, specifically throughout the Practical Content Strategy Course curriculum to reinforce and solidify student education. This means that you won’t be able to get through each skill-focused class, without actually putting your new skill into practice. You’ll leave this course with skills you can immediately put into practice at your workplace or for your clients, because you’ll know how to do it (you already “did it” in the course BSEs!). In the BSE lessons, you’ll be told what and how to do it, with workbooks attached where you can write and practice the skills you’re learning. To help you get there, each lesson has been designed to be simple, visual, fully guided and extremely thorough – taking you all the way from skill newbie to expert.

Will I learn step-by-step SEO and content marketing tool tutorials?

Yes! We’ll be using some of the top SEO tools in the market, and we’ll show you what tools to invest in that are worth your time. There are so many out there, sometimes less is more when it comes to the right tools for SEO and topic discovery.

Will content strategy be covered fully in this course?

You will know the practical skills involved in building a content strategy for any brand, have a wealth of content ideas to pull from whenever you need them, and will be able to construct an entire editorial calendar and advise your clients on topics and keywords with your newfound skills.

What are the prerequisites of the course?

We recommend some experience in content marketing (ideally, at least 1 year). However, this course is built to educate even the newest of content marketing beginners. You also do not need any prior knowledge with the tools taught in this course – every tool and template comes with a step-by-step, easy-to-follow tutorial on how to use it.

Do I get instructor mentoring?

With the all-access pass, you’ll be able to reach the instructor and her team for hands-on feedback and critique on each of your Brand Strategy Exercises. You’ll receive help all the way through to pass BSE review and earn certification. This includes email and chat support but does not include phone support. With your emails and chat messages, please allow for a 24-48 hours excluding weekends. We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as you can. Note that in the individual classes, you do not receive instructor mentoring on BSEs, but you can still access our private Facebook group community.

How does the Certificate of Completion work?

This is only available in the all-access pass version of the course, after you finish all of the material. You will receive a digital certificate of completion certifying the new skills you have learned after you finish the BSEs (Brand Strategy Exercises). All you have to do is complete all the exercises in the course and submit your test content strategy. The project should consume about 40 hours or less of work, depending on your learning style and speed.

Do you make any learning guarantees?

We are confident that this certification course can help any serious person be successful, but we make no guarantees as to what income level you will reach. We also cannot guarantee that you will participate. Learning is completely up to you.

Can I share my enrollment login with someone else?

Absolutely not. Seats and enrollments are for one person only. If you need to add another person, please buy another seat. Anyone caught with multiple user login attempts on one account will be immediately deleted, removed and banned from the course without a refund.

Do you offer refunds?

For the all-access course, we offer a 45-day refund with proof of exercise completion. We’ve done everything possible to make this the simplest and best course on the subject, and we know it works because it’s the exact same methodology that the instructor has practiced in her own agency, internally, to sell millions of dollars worth of content. You’ll receive over 6 workbooks and 30 exercises where you work at your own pace, and can receive live feedback from my team and I at the points of certification (labeled Brand Strategy Exercise in your workbook). However, if you’re on the fence, we want to give you every chance to buy with 100% confidence. So, you have a full 45 days to go through the implementation program, follow every simple step-by-step exercise plan, and realize how amazing it feels to implement your very own content strategy. To request a refund within your first 45 days, you must provide proof of exercise completion for each of the BSEs (Brand Strategy Exercises) along with a thorough reason why you’re requesting a refund.

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