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Practical Content Strategy & Marketing is the ultimate “print accompaniment” to the Content Strategy & Marketing Course, a 400-page paperback book. Currently available in Barnes & Noble, Amazon and iBooks.

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What Industry Experts Say


Julia is absolutely the best Sherpa for your journey up the content marketing mountain.

Author of KNOWNMark Schaefer

Content is king–or so they say. It might even be queen and prince, too. With so much already out there, how do you compete? How do you stand out from the masses? How do you get anyone to pay attention?

Never fear! Practical Content Strategy & Marketing to the rescue. This isn’t just another content marketing book full of theory and fun ideas you can’t execute because you’re limited on time and resources. Quite the contrary. It’s full of worksheets, prompts, logs, resources, ideas, and more. You definitely want to have a hard copy of this book so you can write it in, take notes, highlight, and plan. By the end, you will have a content strategy designed to help you succeed. Julia McCoy provides actionable, smart, and fun ways to get you going. No matter where you are in your content journey, there is something for you.

CEO of Arment Dietrich and founder and author of Spin SucksGini Dietrich

Most content marketing books that cover high-level theories, frameworks, and case studies are entertaining, but ultimately forgettable reads. Practical Content Strategy & Marketing includes all of the above, and most importantly is interspersed with prompting questions, actual examples of copy, and fill-in-the-blank exercises that leave you not just with a comprehensive overview, but with a mastery of all things content marketing.

CEO & Founder, CurataPawan Deshpande

There are a lot of little details in content marketing. Julia covers them all. Practical advice on every page. Onsite and off-site content. Search and social. Strategy and execution. You’re holding in your hands a complete guide by an expert who has done it all.

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media StudiosAndy Crestodina

My mind is blown! Julia McCoy has mastered content marketing and lays it all out in this perennial book. It’s an incredible, comprehensive, hand-holding guide that shows you everything under the sun. It should be required reading for anyone pursuing a career in the field. An incredible amount of research has gone into crafting this masterpiece. It’s filled with endless takeaways. After reading this book, you will be empowered to take action with everything you’ve learned in these pages.

Twitter Marketing ExpertMadalyn Sklar

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