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Spring 2019 Updates to The Content Strategy & Marketing Course Curriculum

This March, the curriculum for our All-Access students received an update!

If you know me, you know I’m incredibly active in my industry of content marketing. Always learning, soaking in, creating, working on standing out and speaking truths, not to mention launching new things.

I consistently update the contents of CS&M, reviewing it once per quarter and updating with new curriculum videos and training at least once per year.

When I launched the course in late 2017, it was with a goal to create the foremost-leading content strategy education in the field.

Over 80 students have enrolled in the course to date, many of which are seeing serious career success following putting this training knowledge into action. My accompanying book, which has organically sold hundreds of copies in dozens of countries, has even been listed in the Top 100 content marketing books by BookAuthority.

A goal as big as an industry-leading course requires a ton of work: over 1,000 hours of my time went into crafting, writing, filming and producing the curriculum. I hired more than three experts (editor, producers) to help me create it along the way. And, today and tomorrow, I stay committed to this goal by ensuring factual accuracy and currency of the curriculum, and updating the course contents regularly.

Haven’t seen the curriculum for The Content Strategy & Marketing Course yet? Review our Curriculum here.

content strategy and marketing course curriculum updates

Course Update: The Summary of Our Spring 2019 Updates

Here’s a summary of the changes inside our All-Access Content Strategy & Marketing Curriculum.

First, I created and uploaded a new orientation section with five short lessons to complete and review. This was built for easier navigation, BSE (Brand Strategy Exercise) certification understanding, and immediate workbook access for new and current students. If you’re a current student, you’ll see a new, easier tabulated navigation style set up and the new orientation area when you login, if you haven’t seen it already.

My goal with this update was an improved setting when students interact with the curriculum, so they know where to go right away for the intensive exercises and resources. It’s such a massive curriculum and training, navigation is a challenge!

Next, I also created and uploaded seven new videos that went inside the curriculum, across all six modules. In the last eight years of creating video, my video process has changed quite a bit, all the way from getting more natural and free-flowing on camera (less stiff and more confidence just from a ton of practice), to better lighting, backgrounds, and audio. So, I thought it was high time to replace some of my 2017 videos in the curriculum.

Check out the difference in warmer lighting tones and a more natural presence — new video curriculum video filmed a few weeks ago on the right, old video curriculum on the left. Also, side effect of time: longer hair!

before and after video

This March, I also had the pleasure of meeting with one of my Content Strategy & Marketing Course students in person in Austin, Texas. After talking to her about the course, I added a new resource to the orientation section – a primer to SEO and online writing techniques. Thanks for pointing out the gap, Shana! (Read Shana’s story and her experience with the course here.)

Current student? Login now to access your new lessons.

masterclassThe Story Behind the Content Strategy & Marketing Course

Along with the new curriculum additions, I also filmed a new short video for enrollee prospects on the fence, detailing the story behind the Content Strategy & Marketing Course. I share the whole story of this course, one of the biggest projects I’ve ever put together, from inception to building and launching.

Trust Us to Remain Dedicated to Providing Industry-Leading Content Strategy Education

Right now, The Content Strategy & Marketing Course is one of the most comprehensive courses in the industry, with over 75 video lessons, workbooks, and an entire process that helps students build a Brand Strategy, hands-on with my feedback, throughout the course. With me as your lead instructor, and six additional instructors from all walks of content marketing, this is a heavy-hitting course for agency team members, freelancers, and entrepreneurs that want to learn every step in profitable content marketing — and walk away with tangible knowledge they can apply in the workforce.

By the end of the course, you’ll have all the pieces of a working strategy right there at your fingertips, ready to go. (I’ve had students build their Brand Strategy for an actual client of theirs.)

And I love this topic enough to make sure the content is regularly updated. With me as your teacher, you’ll never get an instructor who just sits back and lets her training stagnate, especially in an industry as evolving as content marketing and content strategy.

And on that note, I’ll end our announcement for today.

Interested in enrolling? Talk to my team today via live chat (the little blue button on the bottom), and we’ll help you find out if you’re a fit for my comprehensive, 6-week training! Or, go here to enroll today.

content strategy and marketing course curriculum

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