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I’m super excited to share my brand-new professional writing course with you!

It’s called Unlearn Essay Writing: Your Professional Online Writing Course.

Check it out: prowritingcourse.com.

The goal of this launch is to solve one of the worst habits I’ve ever come across in my nine years as a content creator and writing agency owner.

The essay writing habit.

My goal will be to help my students UNLEARN the number one bad writing habits their professor drilled into them in college—and rise to the next level in online content writing knowledge.

I’m launching beta enrollment late this month (yup, June 2020!).

As a beta student, you’ll:

  • Get lifetime access to my whole course, including the updates in the evergreen version later on.
  • Immediately be able to start training with me to become a savvy online writer.
  • Get a special, one-time only discount of 50% off.

Sound good?

Before I walk you through the details of beta enrollment, let’s look at what’s special about Unlearn Essay Writing. Get on the waitlist!

My new professional writing course opens soon

Unlearn Essay Writing: The Professional Writing Course to Help You UNLEARN the #1 Bad Habit that’s Preventing Your Success

You’ve been through it tons of times.

You’re sitting in your office chair, staring hopelessly at your blank screen and blinking cursor.

Beside your monitor sits your boss’s memo: “Tuesday: Write a promotional email to engage our audience.”

PROBLEM: You have no idea what to write.

Or maybe you’ve written an in-depth, well-researched blog. You’ve spent hours or even days on it. It’s informative, helpful, and interesting.

PROBLEM: Nobody reads it, much less shares it.

What’s going on?

I’ll tell you what. You’re using a style of writing that’s completely wrong: the essay writing style.

Let me explain with a quick story about Erin, a new-hire at my content agency, Express Writers.

content writer at EW, Erin

When Erin applied to work with us, I knew immediately that I had found gold.

  • She’s a history graduate with stellar research skills.
  • She has a passion for the written word.
  • She’s loved writing since she was 12 (something we have in common!).

After Erin had passed the interview and writing tests, she got her first writing assignment.

A blog on UX writing.

She immediately set to work. After she’d finished writing, she uploaded her content for me to read.

I eagerly opened the Word document…

…and sat staring blankly as my eyes met this:

“UX has become an extremely relevant topic in recent years, but it is a field that is still somewhat obscure and unknown as it is still early in its growth. Nonetheless, it is clear that this field is quickly becoming an important area of focus for business, and so there is a lot of potential in this industry.”

I recognized it the moment I saw it.

You guessed it. The essay writing habit.

I knew I had to guide Erin through unlearning that bad habit, and I did. It took several rounds of learning how to cut fluff, amp up writing with power-punching words, and write shorter, more impactful sentences.

Two assignments later, I got this:

“Think of your business as a restaurant. You are the chef, and your role is to produce great food (content) that they will love. And you want them to love it enough that they keep coming back for more. …Now that you have the four-step recipe for getting past your inner critic to content that matters, you’re ready to publish great material.”

Huge improvement!

This is exactly what I mean when I talk about unlearning the essay writing habit.

You go from stuffy, fluffy, yawn-inducing paragraphs to magnetizing, fun, creative, engaging writing.

And the great news? Being a student at Unlearn Essay Writing is going on a journey like Erin’s.

  • You’ll UNLEARN the essay writing habit your well-meaning but outdated college professor taught you.
  • You’ll REPLACE it with MY own tips, tricks, and habits to make you a savvy, successful online writer.
  • You’ll get to watch intensive workshops of me creating content from start to finish.
  • You’ll write your own well-polished 1000w piece and get feedback directly from me, if you choose Level 2 during enrollment (get on the waitlist!).
  • You’ll never feel stuck staring at a blank document again (I’ll give you a bunch of templates on EVERY type of online writing there is out there).
  • And so much more!

Sound exciting?

It is!

And what’s even more exciting is you get to sign up SOON for the beta version of Unlearn Essay Writing.

Join the waitlist for Unlearn Essay Writing

How to Sign Up for the Beta Version of Unlearn Essay Writing

Here’s my plan.

I’m going to open enrollment for the beta version of Unlearn Essay Writing late this month.

Enrollment will be open for only five days.

After the five days are up, I’ll close beta enrollment to focus on training my new students.

Later in the year, I’ll open the evergreen version of the course at twice the price.

Which means you MUST grab the opportunity to become one of my beta students. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a pioneer of Unlearn Essay Writing and enjoy a special limited discount.

Here’s how to make sure you don’t miss out.

Sign up for the waitlist, or, get on our email list. You can do it here: contentstrategycourse.com.

Join the waitlist for Unlearn Essay Writing

Whitelist us. Make sure our emails don’t land in your spam folder!

If you’re using Gmail, head over to the Promotions tab and look for my email.

how to move email to primary folder - gmail

Left-click and drag it over to the Primary tab.

move email to the primary folder in gmail

Check the bottom-left corner of your screen for this message box. Click Yes and you’re good to go.

move email to gmail's primary folder

Wait for updates on important dates. I’ll be updating you with exactly when I’ll open beta enrollment plus other important updates, so stay tuned!

Unlearn Essay Writing: A Professional Writing Course like No Other

I’ve seen it tons of times before.

Books that promise you they’ll teach you how to write but only give you vague guidelines and ephemeral ideas.

Courses stuffed with generic mumbo-jumbo.

Unlearn Essay Writing isn’t like that.

It’s a dense, concise, action-packed course. It’ll get you from stuffy to savvy content writer in just one week.

Are you ready for the game changer in your online writing career?

Sign up for the waitlist today!

Learn professional writing in Julia's new course
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