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Remote workers face a HUGE obstacle on the road to success.

It’s called a ton of names…


…writer’s block…

…working hard, not smart…

…but it all basically means the same thing.

Having low productivity.

Does this sound like you?

Do you slack off in the middle of the day, absorbed in social media posts and chatting with friends on Messenger?

Do you sit in front of your computer for hours, but turn out only a meager amount of inspired progress?

Do you feel exhausted by evening and wonder why when you haven’t accomplished a single one of your goals?

If this is you, I hear you.

This is a productivity problem remote workers grapple with day by day. (Because no, working remotely isn’t all rainbow dreams, hair curlers, and bunny slippers. It takes hard work and superhuman discipline to be successful while working from home. True story!)

Want to know how I end my day with all my checkboxes ticked off? How I stay inspired and productive even on the slow days?

Read on to learn my top 18 productivity tips for remote workers. (Hint: I’ve worked on and refined these tips for nine years running, so expect proven strategies that’ll change your sluggish workday into one of inspiration and success!)

productivity tips for remote workers

18 Productivity Tips for Remote Workers You Absolutely Need to Add to Your Regime – Table of Contents

Tip #1: Have a Dedicated Workspace

Tip #2: Make Your Workspace Comfortable

Tip #3: Choose a Place with Natural Light

Tip #4: Have an Alternative Workspace for Slow Days

Tip #5: Invest in Fast Tech

Tip #6: Amp Up Your Typing Speed

Tip #7: Learn the Correct Way to Type

Tip #8: Know Your Keyboard Hacks

Tip #9: Work in Sprints

Tip #10: Get Dressed for the Job

Tip #11. Drink a TON of Water

Tip #12. Make Time for Exercise

Tip #13: Eat Healthy

Tip #14: Set Deadlines for Your Projects

Tip #15: Find Your Biological Prime Time

Tip #16: Find the Environment that Suits You

Tip #17: Get Support

Tip #18: Focus on Productivity, Not Time Spent

productivity tips for remote workers

18 Productivity Tips for Remote Workers You Absolutely Need to Add to Your Regime

The biggest problem is when you look back on your day and feel exhausted, but without the excited buzz of accomplishment.

Follow these 18 tips to put this feeling behind you for good.

Tip #1: Have a Dedicated Workspace

Every corporate worker’s dream is to sit huddled in blankets while typing in a report for work.

The problem: this will ruin not only your productivity, but also your sleep.

We’re creatures of habit. Subconsciously, our minds associate specific areas with specific activities. For example, the office with work and the bed with sleep.

If you mix things up, you’ll:

  • Feel alert and anxious when you’re trying to sleep.
  • Make work and free time the same thing, so you never again experience that comfortable (and important) “coming home” feeling.

The solution?

Create a dedicated workspace in your home. When you step into that space, don’t do anything but work.

For inspiration, here’s what my downstairs home workspace in our new home (we moved June 2020 🎉) looks like.

productivity tips workspace desk
productivity tips workspace

Tip: Your dedicated workspace doesn’t have to be fancy. The point is to have a special place where you do nothing but work.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a mansion with 20 rooms or a snug bachelor’s pad. Simply separate a part of your home to turn into your dedicated workspace and be committed to doing nothing in that space but work.

Step #2: Make Your Workspace Comfortable

The next step is to take your creativity and turn your dedicated workspace into something you love.

Make it a place where you feel inspired, alert, and (most importantly) comfortable.

Remember, you’ll be sitting at your desk for hours on end. To prevent muscle aches, it’s a great idea to invest in high-quality ergonomic office furniture.

I did it, and it made a world of difference to my productivity.

Here’s the desk I use: the Luxor 40” Single Column Crank Stand Up Desk. What’s great about this desk is its adjustable feature. You can work either sitting down or standing up, depending on your mood!

productivity tips stand-up desk

For my chair, I alternate between two I absolutely love.

The first one is the Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair. It’s super comfortable and I can sit in it for hours without getting aches in my shoulders, back, and neck.

productivity tips ergonomic chair

Source: contenthacker.com

I also love my Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair. It keeps me toned as I work, and it doubles as a yoga ball I can use for workouts.

yoga ball ergonomic office chair
productivity tips - ergonomic furniture

Tip #3: Choose a Place with Natural Light

Studies show that working in a well-lighted place boosts productivity.

I’ve found this to be true!

By light, I don’t mean the over-bright fluorescent lights that cause headaches and exhaustion. 

I mean soft, beautiful natural sunlight.

natural light benefits for remote workers

Source: liveultrahealthy.com

Do you have a large window at home? If so, this is the perfect place to build your workspace.

Tip #4: Have an Alternative Workspace for Slow Days

If you’re like me, you have your slow days.

Days when it’s almost impossible to get out of bed.

You want to linger over coffee, relax, and be kind to yourself.

For these days, I recommend creating an alternative workspace. Again, nothing fancy. For me, it’s a comfortable couch where I can sit with coffee and go over work at a relaxed pace.   

Try it. You’ll be amazed how much switching things up depending on your energy levels will change your output.

Tip #5: Invest in Fast Tech

I 1000% believe this is worth it, because imagine what you can accomplish if your tech is as fast as your brain!

Flashback to years ago: I was changing my Windows PC every two years because it froze and simply couldn’t keep up with me.

Convinced by my husband, I (reluctantly) converted to Mac.

And guess what? I haven’t looked back since. Until now, it’s hard to believe there’s a machine that can keep up with my crazy speed!

So yes, give yourself a break. You deserve fast tech.

And once you’ve invested in the computer you deserve, check out these cool gadgets that make using it a dream.

The Bestand Laptop Stand, which keeps your computer screen at eye level.

ergonomic laptop stand

Source: contenthacker.com

Plus, the Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard w/ VIP3 Lifters for Mac (9″ Separation) and the Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse.

These two gadgets keep your hands relaxed and pain-free, even on the days you’re working long hours.

ergonomic keyboard for productivity
ergonomic mouse for productivity

Source: contenthacker.com

Tip #6: Amp Up Your Typing Speed

If you’re a slow typist, you’ll lose tons of ideas as you struggle with getting your thoughts down on paper (or on your Word Doc).

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. You’re never too old to amp up your typing speed.

One way to do it is to register for a free account on TypeRacer. This site is great – you get to type content from famous books and movies, test your skills against other “racers,” and get your WPM (words per minute) score after every race.


Source: TypeRacer

Tip #7: Learn the Correct Way to Type

You can’t amp up your typing speed if you don’t know how to type correctly.

If you’re still looking down at your keyboard or using four fingers to type, learning the correct way to type should be your #1 step. 

Luckily, you don’t have to go back to school to achieve killer typing skills. There’s super affordable typing software out there that teaches you to make typing second nature.

Here are four you should consider.

best typing software for productivity

Source: typinglounge.com

Tip #8: Know Your Keyboard Hacks

Learn shortcut keys to save time. They make things 10x faster.

Here are some shortcut keys for Mac.

productivity tip: use shortcut keys for mac

Source: support.apple.com

Get the full list here.

And here are some shortcut keys for Windows.

shortcut keys for windows for productivity

Source: support.microsoft.com

Get the full list here.

Tip #9: Work in Sprints

Take breaks to keep your sanity intact. If you force yourself to work in long stretches, you’ll end up burnt out and exhausted before you achieve your goals.

What I do is work in sprints. I set my productivity timer to 30 minutes and give my work all I’ve got! When the timer hits 30, I go and stretch for 5-10 minutes. Then, I set my timer for another 30 minutes.

Here’s the timer I’m currently using.

productivity timer

Tip #10: Get Dressed for the Job

I know, working in PJs and hair curlers is the ultimate dream.

But just like working in bed is a bad idea, so is working in the clothes you slept in. You’ll feel sluggish, lazy, and tired. Maybe you’ll even put your laptop down and roll over to catch some extra Z’s.

To feel alive and energetic, make it a point to dress for work every day.

Take a shower. Get into attractive clothes. (I even make time to do my hair!)

Here’s what I look like on a normal working day.

productivity tip: get dressed and ready for the day

Source: expresswriters.com

I might have a workout shirt on, but I did my hair — can you tell? 😁

Remember, you don’t have to do the whole fancy suit and tie thing. As long as you get out of the clothes you slept in, that’s enough to send a signal to your brain that it’s time to wake up and start working.

11. Drink a TON of Water

Your energy and creativity depend largely on how your body feels.

And if your body is weak and full of toxins, you’ll feel drained and exhausted.

The secret to more life and energy?


Water has zero calories and zero side effects. It flushes toxins out of your body. On a hot day, it keeps you cool and refreshed.

I can’t stress this enough.

Drink. More. Water. Than. You. Should.

If you want to keep track of how much water you drink in a day, try the motivational water bottle I use.

motivational water bottle for productivity

12. Make Time for Exercise

If you’re buried under a pile of work, making time for exercise might seem counterintuitive.

Why not spend 100% of your time working? Won’t exercise make you feel exhausted?

Well, no. First, you don’t need to spend four hours at the gym for it to count as a workout.

A light 30-minute walk and some fresh air will do the trick. It will keep your blood flowing, release endorphins to make you feel amazing, and get your mind off work so you can refocus with heightened energy later.

All I do is a 20-25 minute workout each day. I personally love the app Workout for Women.

Once a week, I make time to go to the gym. (I like 24 Hour Fitness.)

Tip #13: Eat Healthy

Take care of your body and you’ll notice your energy and creativity grow.

I know this personally, because switching to a Paleo/vegan/whole-food, plant-based diet meant saying good-bye to allergies, headaches, and 2pm fatigue.

Remember, you don’t need to go completely vegan all at once.

You can start by cutting out processed foods from your daily menu. Then, drop the GMOs and dairy products. Decrease the sugar.

Be amazed with how these small changes affect your energy levels and productivity.

Tip #14: Set Deadlines for Your Projects

As Charles Dickens said, “Procrastination is the thief of time.”

If you keep putting tasks off, you’ll end up with lost time and zero accomplishments. Plus, you’ll feel guilty, grouchy, and uninspired.

To counter this, set deadlines for all your projects. It helps to keep a checklist you can tick off each time you finish a job on time.

Here’s a tip from Brian Tracy’s book Eat That Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time. Do the thing you least look forward to first. Once it’s behind you, you’ll feel accomplished and inspired to do everything else on your list.

Tip #15: Find Your Biological Prime Time

Your biological prime time is the time of the day (or night!) you’re at the peak of your energy levels. For some, it’s 7 a.m. For others, it’s 3 a.m. or 8 p.m. or midnight.

To make the most out of your day, first find out when your biological prime time is. Then, structure your day around it.

Do your most challenging tasks during your biological prime time. When your energy drops, plan for easier tasks, work out, or rest.

Tip #16: Find the Environment That Suits You

Some people like to work in dead silence.

Others like to work to the buzz of coffee shop sounds.

Still others like the sound of rain, or a river, or music.

What gets me going is focus music. There are days when this music means the difference between wrapping up an important task and quitting to go watch some Netflix.

Check out my favorite music: 3 Hour Focus Music: Study Music, Alpha Waves, Calming Music, Concentration Music.

Tip #17: Get Support

If you’re a business owner, there’s no way you can do everything all on your own. 

If you have SO much work and not enough time to do it, it’s time to switch to managing instead of doing.

Check out my step-by-step on how to do it here: Switch to “Managing” Instead of “Doing:” The Secret to Content Marketing Planning Success.

Tip #18: Focus on Productivity, Not Time Spent

Being a remote worker means you’ll have to shift completely from the 9-5 mindset.

Instead of thinking about how much time you spend working, think of how much you accomplish.

This is the key to killer productivity.

Productivity Tips for Remote Workers: How to Be Even More Amazing Than When You Were Working at the Office

Being productive isn’t some fairy science you have to learn. It isn’t being a poet sitting in a forest, waiting for the muse to strike.

It’s getting up early every day and keeping focused. Throwing those PJs in the laundry basket. Dedicating a beautiful spot in your home for your work.

When you stick to these productivity tips for remote workers, you’ll see a huge change in the way you work or do business. 💪