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I’m incredibly excited to share the news with you.

My new course, Unlearn Essay Writing: Your Professional Online Writing Course, is now open for beta enrollment!

Enroll now at prowritingcourse.com.

I created Unlearn Essay Writing to solve a problem I’ve seen repeatedly in my near-decade as a content marketer.

It’s a habit that keeps even the most passionate writers from online writing success.

The essay writing habit.

My promise to you with Unlearn Essay Writing is you’ll “unlearn” this bad habit and replace it with the cutting-edge skills the most successful online writers use.

We’ll go deeper into that in this blog, but first I’ll show you why investing in an online write course has the potential to change your life and career.

3 reasons to invest in an online writing course

Video: Why You Should Consider Investing in An Online Writing Course (& What’s in My New Writing Course!)

Why Should You Invest in an Online Writing Course?

There’s a ton of free resources out there but investing in an online writing course is the fastest way to the skills that get you a host of clients and real engagement with your audience.

1. You Get the Accountability Factor

Did you know that being accountable to someone boosts your chance of success by up to 95%?

Thomas Monson on accountability

Source: medium.com

Sure, you can dig through haystacks of free online material. Some of it will even be great.

But without a mentor or coach, it’ll be a search-for-the-needle-in-the-haystack journey at best. It’s easy to give up when you’re on your own, without a finessed program to guide you.

So if you don’t have superhuman discipline and years of time to dig out the best advice from free resources, take an online writing course.

Hint: Unlearn Essay Writing has tons of hand holding. I guide you through the whole process of “unlearning” stuffy, clunky essay writing and then learning the skills you need to impress your boss, gain tons of new clients, and deeply engage your online audience.

2. You Learn Skills Seasoned Professionals Use for Success

The best way to gain a new skill is to learn it from a master who’s practiced it for years.

Think of it like an apprentice working with a tradesman. The tradesman gets paid to do what he’s great at, making him the #1 person to teach the tricks of the trade.

I’ve been in the content industry for nearly a decade, and I’ve seen everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly of content. Content that works. Content that doesn’t work. I’ve experimented, invested in training, and grew my brand from $0 to $5 million with literally nothing but top-notch content.

So when I take you on as my student, you will learn how to create content your boss, clients, and audience craves.

3. You Gain Access to a Community

An online writing course is your key into a world of like-minded people who share your passion and goals. You can talk about your dreams, ask questions, and enjoy a valuable sense of community that’ll keep you going on your darkest days.

Grab Your Seat in The Unlearn Essay Writing Course Today

I created Unlearn Essay Writing to change the content industry.

To fill it with actionable, in-demand writers who know what it takes to ROCK an online audience’s world.

Because truth be told, there’s a huge NEED for these types of writers today.

In my nine years as a content marketer doing the hiring for my brands, I’ve had to turn away 99% of applicants.

And the 1% I hire?

I still need to train them, helping them unlearn…

…you guessed it…

…the essay writing habit.

My promise to you when you take Unlearn Essay Writing is you’ll “unlearn” the #1 bad habit that’s keeping you from online writing success, and replace it with real, in-demand writing skills in JUST ONE WEEK.

I’ll teach you:

  • How to brutally cut the fluff in your writing
  • How to craft clear, concise, engaging content
  • How to write faster, and never again suffer writer’s block
  • How to format your writing into the 11 most commonly used content types (blogs, web pages, social media posts, white papers, video scripts, and more!)
  • How to create a blog from scratch (from idea to beautiful, finessed blog)
  • And more!

You’ll love this course because it isn’t your 500-page manual stuffed with jargon and never-ending paragraphs. It’s:

  • Intensive workshop style video lessons (fully on-demand – keep those pjs or yoga pants ON!)
  • Intensive, book-style workbooks to jot down your notes in as you go through the course and give you a quick-read version of everything covered in the videos
  • Writing exercises that help you nail perfect writing
  • A template library you can pull out and use whenever you need it
  • Pick from two different levels to enroll from. Both have you writing a 1,000-word piece. If you choose Level 2 of the program, collaboration with me on a 1,000-word piece of content you write. I work with you to edit and finesse it until it’s client-ready (no matter how long it takes!). When I’m 1000% confident clients will love it, you get a certificate to add to your portfolio. That’s guaranteed online writing success!

Be the Next In-Demand Online Writer

It’s not easy to go from ignored to adored online writer.

If you make the journey on your own, it can take you years to reach your goals (if you reach them at all).

That’s why I created Unlearn Essay Writing. With my brand-new course, you can make the transformation in just one week.

Reminder: beta enrollment is open! It runs from June 30-July 5, 2020. We’re only accepting 100 students, so grab your seat today.

See you inside!

To your success,