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Your B.S.-Free Masterclass from Julia McCoy

The 6-Step Framework to a Profitable, SEO-Optimized Content Strategy

julia mccoy
  • What Content Strategy Is & How It Drives Online Success
  • The Top 3 Mistakes that KILL Content Marketing Profits
  • The 6-Step Framework To Implement for Content Success
  • Watch on demand instantly below! No B.S. We won’t ask you for your email or send you a million sales pitches afterwards. 
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Julia McCoy started as a college dropout, quitting a nursing degree to follow her passion for writing. Self-taught, within three months she had enough clients to start a business, and she started Express Writers with just $75.

Julia even coded her own website to make her business a reality. Her goal in the early stages was to assemble a team of the best content writers on the web, and her vision slowly came true. Through the power of her own content marketing, inside less than six years her agency brought in over $4 million in revenue, served 5,000 clients worldwide, and completed over 13,000 content projects. Julia is now one of the top 30 content marketers worldwide, is the author of two bestselling books in the industry, and has certified dozens of trained content strategists. She hosts the Write Podcast, is a top contributor for Content Marketing Institute, and has been featured in Forbes. Read more about Julia’s story.

Julia’s FREE 60-minute intensive training, which you can watch immediately above by clicking play, cuts right to the chase and reveals EXACTLY how Julia was able to start and grow her business through content marketing so quickly, and how you can do the same – with implementation techniques you can start doing TODAY! This is a no-fluff, B.S-free training for serious content marketers ready to up their game and learn hack-free, lasting methodology. We won’t even send you annoying sales pitches afterwards! At the very end, Julia will give you a sneak peek into her six-week Content Strategy & Marketing Course.


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