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Have you heard the news? My third book is on track to hit the Amazon bookshelves in just a few short months (February 2020! 🎉). 

I’m beyond thrilled and feeling all the feels about it right now. It’s an unbelievable feeling to finally come out with this story, after nearly three years of writing.

Woman Rising: A True Story diverges from my other two titles. Here, I’ve returned to my storytelling roots to share, in a narratively written, page-turner style, the true story of how I escaped a cult at the age of 21 and went on to successfully build Express Writers, Content Hacker, and two other profitable brands (Content Strategy & Marketing Course, The Expert SEO Content Writer) across the past eight years.

This is the narrative of my life raised in a household that seemed utterly perfect, under a façade that fooled the world and kept most people blind to the terror that reigned within. I reveal what it’s like to grow up under the stifling religious oppression created by one man’s twisted interpretation of the Bible – my father’s.

And it’s the story of how I escaped, in the middle of the night, to pursue building a life I loved. Part 2 tells how that dream came true. Beyond my wildest dreams! I have a life I love, so incredibly much. I am blessed. I’m a mom, wife, and lead businesses that stem from my greatest passions. #thankful

Brace yourself, because in this book I hold nothing back. From my childhood to my escape at age 21, to all the successes (and failures!) I endured thus far, I’ve written my story to serve as fuel to inspire you, my reader.

woman rising

Woman Rising: A True Story (The Interview)

Want to learn more about the story itself? Check out this video, where my husband — the CTO of our brand, Express Writers — interviewed me. He rarely comes on video with me — okay, never. So, we had tons of fun. 😅

Woman Rising: More Than Just a Story

I didn’t just write Woman Rising to pen one of the craziest stories that I’ll ever write. (It’s also 100% true. It’s true…the truth is stranger than fiction.)

Alongside the release of this book, I’m starting The Woman Rising Project. This will be a 501(c)(3) organization working in tandem with seven other organizations fighting against hidden abuses inside homes right here within the US. Your purchase of the book will go directly to helping me fund this project, which is near and dear to my heart.

My story, sadly, isn’t unique. In fact, we just have to turn on the TV to be reminded of abusive households that lie scattered throughout the US, going undetected for years, decades, or even entirely. Cloaked in normalcy and religion, the women and children within these homes often have no voice, demonstrate no outward signs of abuse, and have no way to escape.

Woman Rising: A True Story is my story. Not just of living in a cult, and the grim reality of it, what it drove me to, and what I experienced in the hands of a father who should have loved me, but used religion and ‘God’ to force obedience and action from me… but it’s the story of how I survived. How I stepped foot outside of the cult, risking — and receiving — the title of ‘disowned child’ by my parents, who turned a cold shoulder to me after I left.

Despite all of that, I thrived. Built a life I love, became a mom, wife, and a multiple-business owner. It’s a story I’ve been spending years on, a cathartic writing journey, and a tale that I believe will inspire thousands. I cannot — cannot — wait to share it with you.

woman rising

Psst… that’s the actual ‘escape night’ scene on the front cover. No joke! Read the full story behind the cover art in my Facebook post.

The story of my childhood upbringing is the story that we’ve all heard, but never realize just how close to home it really is. I will be sharing my time, donating copies of Woman Rising, and lending my creative energy to these organizations to help raise awareness and fight that battle.

I’d love your help with the message and the cause.

How You Can Get Involved

I’ve shared my story because I want to bring a voice to this issue that’s so prevalent in the US to make real, positive, lasting changes for good. I was once that child, terrified of the very home in which I lived. No one helped me. No one even realized what was happening.

It’s a story you can help me change.

1.) Go to womanrisingproject.org and get signed up to know when the book releases.

2. Follow The Woman Rising Project page on Facebook.

3. Join our beta reader private Facebook group and be a beta reader before my book comes out in February 2020.

Even just one book payment will help me fund the path and journey to helping others without a voice. You could impact the life of one more person for the better, just by buying a copy of Woman Rising. Consider shouting out to Woman Rising when it launches, and sharing it, if you want to be a part of this cause.

Thanks for sticking around to read all about my book. I look forward to having you read my story — soon, very soon.

– Julia

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