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How a Content Strategy Course Can Launch a Lucrative Career

It’s inevitable.

Every time you go to a job board to browse potential content strategist jobs to apply to, they all list the same requirements.

Some say it like this…

While others say it like this…

But they all want the same thing.

They all want applicants that have skills AND experience.

The thing is, if you don’t have the skills and experience they’re all looking for, how are you ever supposed to get a job as a content strategist?

Fortunately, there’s a solution that can help you meet the qualifications that employers are seeking.

And this solution won’t just help you get a job, it will help you launch a rewarding and lucrative career that you’ll love.

The solution is a comprehensive content strategy course.

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How Lucrative is a Career in Content Strategy?

In the Creative Group’s most recent Creative & Marketing Salary Guide, they named content strategist as the #1 hottest job in the industry for 2018.

And, if you were to take a look at the thousands of openings for this role on job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor, you’ll quickly be able to confirm that content strategy professionals are in high demand.

content strategist hot job

But just how much can you expect to make as a newly minted strategist?

The previously mentioned guide gives us that answer as well:

As you can see, even the average starting salary for a NEW content strategist is $60,250.

content strategist positionAnd, as you advance your career and develop new skills and more experience, that number climbs to six figures.

For comparison, let’s take a look at a chart put together by Business Insider that lists the average salary for Americans at every age.

average salary

Image Source

While this chart obviously doesn’t break down average salaries using factors such as occupation, experience level, etc., it does give us a baseline to judge just how lucrative a career in content strategy can be compared to others in the US.

But, as we mentioned, launching your career as a content strategist can’t happen if you don’t have the skills and experience employers are seeking.

That’s where a content strategy course comes in.

What Skills Will I Develop Through a Content Strategy Course?

With content strategy still being a fairly new concept in the marketing world, there aren’t many content strategy courses or training resources available to prospective strategists.

And, of those that are available, very few of them actually teach skills and strategies that have been proven to succeed in the real world.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with my Content Strategy Certification Course.

The course, which I created with the help of content marketing experts like Michelle Linn, Sujan Patel, and Steve Rayson, walks you through the exact strategies I’ve used to turn a $75 investment into a $4 million agency in just a few years time.

(What’s that you say? …You haven’t heard that story? Well here you go. Watch below!)

But what exactly will you learn from the course? And what skills will you develop that will help you start your lucrative career in content strategy?

Let’s dive in and find out.

1. Core Foundations of a Practical, ROI-Focused Content Strategy

This is the first of six total modules that course members have access to and helps form the foundational skills needed to construct an ROI-focused content strategy.

In it, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define a topic area that can lead to an authoritative online presence
  • Create a Content Differentiation Factor (CDF) that helps separate you from the pack
  • Identify content goals that lead to a true return-on-investment
  • Develop content that ranks in search engines, builds brand awareness, and leads to customer engagement

For content marketing to lead to real ROI, everything starts with identifying how you’re going to use content to separate your brand from the pack.

As marketing guru Neil Patel tells us, content marketing leaders generate 7.8x more traffic than followers.

This is precisely the reason that this module focuses, first and foremost, on helping you develop a plan for becoming an authoritative online presence and leader amongst those producing content on your topic.

2. A Guide to Audience Discovery, Personas, & Brand Content Style Guidelines

With millions of pieces of content being published daily, it has become more important than ever to truly understand the intricacies of your audience.

And, once you understand your audience, it’s essential that you’re using that information to craft audience-centric content.

For this reason, module two is designed to teach you how to:

  • Create content audience personas for new audiences
  • Map out content audience personas for existing audiences
  • Use social media to discover your audience’s interests
  • Look at your audience from an ROI perspective
  • Develop insight into your audience’s sales awareness so you can map out content that works them through your sales funnel
  • Create a brand content style guidebook that helps form guidelines for how your content will be developed

All of the skills you’ll learn within this module of the content strategy course are aimed at helping you develop the insight needed to develop audience-centric content that leads to a high ROI strategy.

And, with these skills alone, you’ll already have a significant edge on a large majority of content marketers in the industry today.

3. Understanding Keywords, Researching Opportunities, & Creating Keyword Reports

You already know that keywords play an essential role in helping content rank in search engines.

What you may not know, however, is just how important keyword research is to a strong content presence online.

Because of this importance, module three of the content strategy course is designed to teach you how to:

  • Outline goals associated with keyword research
  • Focus on generating long term organic traffic
  • Develop a blueprint for finding and using high-ROI keywords
  • Avoid common mistakes and problems associated with keyword research
  • Use research tools that can help you find keywords and track ROI
  • Find geo-targeted keywords that contribute to local SEO success
  • Create a comprehensive keyword report for you or your client

As Neil Patel tells us,

“Keyword research is the blueprint for your online marketing efforts, driving every decision you make.”

And that’s exactly why this module is the most comprehensive of any within the course.

4. Preparing Your Content Focus & Content Cores for an Authority Presence Online

As we pointed out previously, it’s going to be tough to succeed in the content marketing world if you’re just another one of the millions of websites producing average content.

The goal here is to be a leader on your topic and within your industry, not a follower.

To do that, it’s essential that you maintain your focus on developing content that helps you build an authority presence online.

With this in mind, module four is set up to teach you how to:

  • Develop a content focus that leads to better results
  • How to win with a core content commitment approach
  • Define your commitments to core content creation
  • Identify your key integral core content commitment
  • Find out who to trust for content production
  • Build a strong content house through an efficient site structure
  • Develop cornerstone content
  • Effectively utilize internal links within your content
  • Build roads to your content house through outside channels such as guest blogging and social media

When you’re able to nail down your content focus, the entire process of how you go about creating content becomes much easier.

And, more importantly, your content begins to deliver a much higher ROI.

5. A Guide to Topic Discovery & Practical Content Creation

This module is all about content creation.

In it, you’ll learn how to:

  • Simplify the content ideation and creation process
  • Pull strong brand awareness topics from a web crawl
  • Use tools like BuzzSumo to find hot, trending topics
  • Create buyer-focused content for different stages of your funnel
  • Create SEO content that achieves sales awareness content goals
  • Optimize your content for SEO
  • Create high-ROI, optimized blog posts and landing pages
  • Repurpose core content into other formats
  • Simplify the process of creating 10x content
  • Effectively approach publications and websites for guest blog opportunities
  • Optimize your headlines so your content gets read

The content creation process is notoriously unpredictable.

Some pieces of content can take less than an hour to produce while others can take several days.

Even Kevan Lee, an experienced writer who produces great long form blog posts for Buffer, said that he used to spend 8-12 hours to put together a single 1500-word blog.

But after developing a simpler and more efficient process, his time spent creating content dropped significantly.

This module can help you, and those you work with, streamline your own creation process to help you produce 10x content in hours instead of days.

This time saving factor alone makes this content strategy course well worth the price of admission.

6. Content Promotion Techniques, Setting a Budget, Editorial Calendar, & Maintenance

While having the ability to create authoritative, high-ROI content is one of the main keys to succeeding through content, simply creating it isn’t enough.

As KissMetrics’ post on the 10 Common Reasons Content Marketing Isn’t Working for You points out:

“The quickest way to kill your content marketing is to do nothing after you create your content. Creating content is only part of content marketing. The other half is promoting it.”

Understanding how to effectively promote content is just as, or possibly even more, important than your ability to create it.

In addition, understanding how to set a budget, develop an editorial calendar, and perform maintenance on older content are other skills that have a significant impact on content marketing success.

With this in mind, the sixth and final module of the content strategy course is designed to teach you how to:

  • Promote content effectively
  • Utilize key fundamentals for boosting exposure
  • Develop an effective email marketing strategy
  • Properly utilize social media platforms for promotion
  • Understand the costs associated with content creation and budget accordingly
  • Create a thorough content plan
  • Develop an editorial calendar
  • Refresh old content
  • Track and update your highest ranking content to maximize ROI
  • Perform a content audit

Along with the diverse range of skills that you’ll learn through the course, you’ll also get access to a huge library of bonus resources, templates, and swipe files that you can use to 10x your efficiency while developing your content strategy.

But, as we’ve noted, just developing skills isn’t enough to launch a lucrative career in content strategy.

Employers, and potential clients, want skills AND experience.

How Do I Gain Content Strategy Experience?

One of the best parts about this content strategy course is that it’s designed to walk you through exactly how to create a high ROI content strategy from scratch.

To get the most out of the course, I help you design your own content strategy as you move through the course and then provide feedback along the way.

Whether you create a strategy for a client, your own brand, or a ‘fake’ brand is up to you.

But, by using the course to create a comprehensive content strategy from scratch, you’ll end up with a strong portfolio piece that can serve as the foundation for launching your lucrative career.

The best part? If you’re starting as a freelancer or looking to develop your own content strategy agency, you can use the course to continually create high-ROI content strategies for every client you encounter.

Not only does this help you build your portfolio, but you’ll gain the proven experience that employers want and need.

You may even find that a career as a freelancer or agency owner turns out to be even more rewarding and lucrative than working for a brand.

Get Started With a Content Marketing Career You’ll Love

As course graduate Brittany Brander says,

“This course has improved my ability to understand and create content strategy, and help me convince clients why content is important. I truly believe that this course will not only help me improve my skills as a content strategist, but position me as one of the few content marketing pioneers.”

So long as you’re willing to put the work in to make it happen, this course can do the same for you.

And, with a 45-day refund policy, there’s absolutely no risk to get started.

Get started.

Use this course to 10x your understanding of content strategy and start a lucrative career that you’ll love.

You won’t regret it.

Profitable Content Marketer Skills Cheat Sheet

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