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How Zee Ali Learned Content Marketing Skills from the Content Strategy & Marketing Course

It’s always a huge honor to mentor talented individuals and help them improve their content marketing skills.

What’s great about mentoring isn’t the feeling that I’m better than someone else.

Because I’m not.

I simply started first, so I made all the mistakes first.

The best part is I get to help others skip these mistakes and go straight to the success that comes after. That’s why I built my two courses: The Content Strategy and Marketing Course and The SEO Writing Course.

In this blog, I’ll share Zee Ali’s story as he went on the journey of taking both my courses. 👏

content marketing skills - Zee Ali

Introducing, Zee Ali: From Raw Ideas to Supercharged Content Marketing Skills

Zee isn’t your typical 9 to 5 rat-race guy — at all.

He’s a sharp, witty, savvy individual.

He’s also an entrepreneur with two growing brands. (Check them out: Zee Ali and ZSwag.)

What’s amazing about Zee is that although he positions himself as a thought leader in business, he isn’t afraid to learn something new.

So, when he found himself struggling with content strategy and SEO, he decided to take my courses.   

“I was initially interested in Julia’s course because I wanted to avoid a lot of the common mistakes people typically make when they’re just starting out,” he said. “I had a lot of great ideas for content, but lacked the background to know for sure if I was heading in the right direction to achieve high ROI.

“In short, I wanted confidence in what I was doing.”

What Zee Loved About My Content Marketing Skills Courses

Sure, there’s a ton of other courses Zee could have taken.

But here are three things he loved about The Content Strategy and Marketing Course and The SEO Writing Course.

1. The Strategies That Allowed Him to Position Himself as a Thought Leader and Gain a Ton of Organic Traffic

My two courses are perfect when taken hand-in-hand.

The Content Strategy and Marketing Course is an intensive 6-week course that guides you as you build your own working content strategy from scratch.

The SEO Writing Course teaches you how to craft optimized content that ranks on Google, so you never waste your time writing pieces that are hit-and-miss at best.

Zee took them both – and loved how they helped him gain confidence, authority, and a ton of leads from his email list.

“Julia’s user-friendly course(s) helped me to gain confidence in my writing strategies, allowing me to more effectively position myself as a thought leader and generate organic web traffic through our email list,” he said.

Zee Ali

2. The Bite-Sized Lessons

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Zee is a busy man. He’s constantly zipping his way through the world, writing, attending meetings, and analyzing his business and life experiences so he can help others.

What he loved about my courses is that he could simply “squeeze” them into his life.

“I…liked how each section was broken down into bite sized, easy to consume chunks,” he said. “As a busy professional trying to fit this course in between meetings, it was nice to know that I could watch a lesson during a quick 15-minute break and still get through all of it.”

3. The Resources

Zee loved that both my courses aren’t the usual regurgitated material you find in a ton of “courses” out there.

Also, that he wasn’t falling asleep on huge, 500,000-word books with long lists of jargon and no real value.  

“I appreciated the many resources that came with the course, including templates for SEO research and client avatar creation, copies of the workbook, and the Content Hacker Facebook group,” he said.

“This (is) my favorite, because it serves as a kind of mastermind group where you can go and ask questions not only to Julia but to everyone else who is in the course. These resources would easily cost upwards of $2k/month if purchased as a part of a consulting program, making Julia’s course the bargain of the century.”

Enroll in the ultimate content marketing course

Zee’s Advice on Using My Courses to Gain Outstanding Content Marketing Skills

A course is just a course until you pour serious work into it.

Only then will it have the power to change your life.

According to Zee, you need to keep three things in mind when you take the courses.  

1. What You Put in Is What You’ll Get

There are several ways to take a course:

  • You can lightly skim through it and take note of its structure and major points.
  • You can put minimal effort into it by watching all the videos.
  • You can immerse yourself into it, watching and re-watching the videos, taking notes, and practicing till you drop.

Zee chose the third option.

And it paid off.

“If you don’t want to put in the work and just want to flip through the videos, you can do that, sure, but it won’t result in high ROI for you,” he says.

“You have to be really ready and willing to immerse yourself in it. Do the workbook exercises, work through the templates alongside Julia, and take notes. That’s how you’re going to become a content writing champ.”

2. Take Advantage of the Support

In the early days, as I was struggling to grow my brand Express Writers, I would have done anything for a mentor.

You know, someone to guide me gently in the right direction.

Someone to answer my questions when I felt stuck.

Knowing how we all need a mentor and support group, I built these right into each one of my courses.

And Zee loved it.

“If you get into the course and feel confused at any point, just remember that there’s a world of lifelines built in to answer any questions you might have,” he said. “That’s the biggest differentiator for this course vs. other online SEO courses: Julia is available, the other students are available, to answer any questions you may have, versus a faceless FAQ page.”

3. Remember that SEO Ranking Takes Patience

You can’t expect to publish a blog today and see it ranking on Google’s #1 spot tomorrow.

You need time and patience. You need to diligently post high-quality, optimized pieces and beat your competitors at their game.

If you’re persistent enough, you’ll start seeing results in 6-12 months.

“You have to be consistent in your posting, and even then, it can take months, sometimes years, to build up enough of an online presence that your stuff starts ranking,” Zee said.

“So if you don’t see your article at #1 on Google 15 minutes after you post, it doesn’t mean you’re failing. Just stay the course and you’ll start seeing results.”

Zee Ali

Learning Content Marketing Skills the Easy Way

Feeling stuck as you navigate the world of content marketing?

I hear you.

I’ve been there too.

And yes, I learned the hard way. I made a ton of mistakes and hit and miss for years before I got my strategy right.

You don’t have to do that.

When you take my courses, The Content Strategy and Marketing Course and The SEO Writing Course, you’ll be ready to tackle the world of content marketing with:

  • A customized content strategy
  • Killer SEO skills

You’ll have the complete set of content marketing skills to take your business to the next level.

“Bottom line?” Zee says. “These courses work. Enough said.”

Interested in taking your content marketing skills to the next level? Sign up for The Content Strategy and Marketing Course today. You can also look into The SEO Writing Course here.  

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