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Thinking about taking a content marketing course? Smart move.

It’s time to stop sifting through those millions of marketing blogs for a few gems of wisdom that you aren’t even sure are going to work.

According to HubSpot, over 60% of businesses that use content marketing consider it very or extremely important in their overall marketing strategy.

That’s because content marketing is a tried and proven method for boosting organic traffic, making customers happy, and eliminating pain points in the buyer’s journey. AKA – making your business more effective overall. But only when you have a roadmap. And that’s what a proven content marketing course can do for you.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you hit publish on something, it meant more money rolling in?

With content marketing, that’s exactly what happens.

Here are eight reasons you need to take a content marketing course this year to grow your brand and thrive.

What’s Here: 8 More Reasons You Need to Take a Content Marketing Course This Year

1. You’ll Get Good Advice From Actual Experts

2. It’ll Ramp Up Your Marketing Game Like Nobody’s Business

3. You’ll Improve Your Online Writing Skills (and Learn How to Spot Good Writers)

4. Working at Your Own Pace Lets You Absorb the Information You Need

5. It’ll Set You Apart from the Competition

6. Content Marketing Builds Better Customer Experiences

7. Your Prospective Customers Expect It

8. You’ll Be Able to Position Yourself as an Industry Expert

content marketing course

8 Ways a Content Marketing Course Makes You Better at Business

Think content strategy and marketing are only for marketers or freelance writers? You’re not alone, and I’m about to blow that myth right out of the water with these eight reasons why a content marketing course makes you more effective at running a business. Check it out. ↴

1. You’ll Get Good Advice From Actual Experts

Online courses are booming! Between 2000 and 2019, e-learning expanded by some 900% – and that trend shows no signs of stopping.

However, as we’re awash in this sea of knowledge and learning that’s been placed at our fingertips, it’s getting harder to spot good courses from those that are just out to make a quick buck off the trend.

So, you’ve spotted a content marketing course or one that promises to teach you content strategy. But who’s doing the teaching, exactly? Take a moment to play detective and do some investigating. 🕵️

The best courses online are taught by actual experts with demonstrated expertise. That means you’re getting tips and advice proven to work – and the proof is super easy to find.

content strategy and marketing course experts

Do you recognize these names or company names? They’re some of the leaders in the SEO and content marketing industries.

2. It’ll Ramp Up Your Marketing Game Like Nobody’s Business

Content strategy and marketing occupy an interesting spot in the online writing world. Writers sometimes think these topics belong to the marketing realm (because marketing), while marketers sometimes think it falls in the domain of the writers (because content).

They’re applicable to both. Writers who can do content strategy and marketing are tremendously more valuable. Why?

  • You can apply content marketing to your own freelancing business.
  • It’ll help you deliver content that has long-term value for your clients.
  • You’ll be able to occupy more positions on a team (say, a director of content instead of a mere writer).
  • You’ll understand how branding and content work together.

Profitable Content Marketer Skills Cheat Sheet

3. You’ll Improve Your Online Writing Skills (and Learn How to Spot Good Writers)

So, you’re a great writer already. You’ve hammered out a year’s worth of blog posts to prove it. You’ve even landed a few clients. Congratulations! 🎉🥂

You’re just like every other writer on the web.

Online writing isn’t like other forms of writing. It’s not just about churning out an endless blog roll. Instead, you need to provide well-crafted and insightful articles that educate, entertain, and convert readers into paying customers.

Learning content strategy and marketing is the secret sauce that most web writers miss – or ignore. Imagine if you suddenly knew how to:

  • Craft strategic content that aligns with your reader’s place along the customer journey.
  • Write content that aligns with a company’s business goals.
  • Develop content that promotes brand awareness and reach, using metrics to prove that it’s working.
  • Identify your client’s content differentiation factor and play to its strengths.

Imagine changing your value proposition from “I write quality content” to “I write content that increases your conversion rates … and I can prove it.”

That’s the hallmark sales line of a good online writer.

content marketing course

4. Working at Your Own Pace Lets You Absorb the Information You Need

Online courses have one advantage over other traditional forms of education: it’s education on-demand when it’s convenient for you.

You’re a working professional and you don’t have time to sit in a classroom, or even hop online at a specific hour every Tuesday. And with courses becoming more robust and comprehensive, you may not have time to dedicate four hours every day to get through the material in 30 days before your access expires.

Self-paced means getting the chance to truly absorb the information you need – whether it’s key concepts or bonus material that’s particularly relevant to your business.

Consider: the Content Strategy and Marketing Course has 88 different lessons spread across six modules.

That’s over seven dozen concepts, ideas, and bits of advice that have the potential to transform your brand whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or freelancer.

Wouldn’t you rather have the chance to really digest them and put them to work?

5. It’ll Set You Apart from the Competition

Content marketing is the hottest field in the digital marketing industry right now, and that means get ready for some SERIOUS competition.

How are you going to convince potential clients or customers that you know what you’re doing? Self-teaching is a beautiful thing, but will you be able to PROVE that knowledge without previous clients?

Especially now that EVERYONE is offering (and taking) courses?

When you’re shopping around for a content marketing course, consider the value of the course in terms of not just what it’ll teach you, but how it will set you apart. For example, does it:

  • Teach you advanced skills like how UX writing and design play into content strategy
  • Offer advice on growing from a solo freelance operation to a high-value team or even an agency?
  • Reveal trade secrets like finding hot and trending topics in your specific industry?

A solid content strategy course goes far beyond the basics to deliver information that helps you thrive.

On24 survey content marketing effectiveness

A 2020 study by On24 found that the majority of marketers consider their content marketing as somewhat or not very effective. Source: On24.

6. Content Marketing Builds Better Customer Experiences

I often recommend that brands map their content to their customer journey, and I dedicate quite a few lessons to it in the Content Strategy and Marketing Course. A few reasons for this exist:

  • It ensures your content gets viewed by the right people, at the right moment.
  • It helps customers move through your sales funnel by giving them the information they need to do so.
  • It helps you create an online presence wholly focused on your customers.
  • It ensures that your content serves a purpose.

Your customer experience matters. A study by Forrester found that companies that provide good customer experiences outperform their competitors with a poor customer experience 80% of the time.

7. Your Prospective Customers Expect It

The evidence that content marketing isn’t just effective – but necessary – is growing by the heap.

As early as 2018, research by Clutch found that while 89% of readers felt confident they could identify content marketing, at least 67% believed it was valuable and worthwhile to read.

That led a solid 82% of them to make a purchasing decision based on the content marketing a business delivered.

Content marketing is becoming the status quo. You’ll need it if you want to keep up with the pack.

70% invest in content marketing

Your competition uses content marketing. Without it, you can’t compete. Source: HubSpot.

8. You’ll Be Able to Position Yourself as an Industry Expert

Last but not least, content strategy and marketing are valuable to you because it will help you position yourself as an industry expert – whatever your industry. That’s because:

  • Content marketing plays well with SEO and Google page ranks, helping your site float to the top.
  • It emphasizes useful, helpful content that showcases your expertise to people, not search engines.
  • You’ll know how to bridge the gap between audience and sales, finding and speaking to your target audience.
  • You’ll also be able to structure your topics in clusters to boost your domain’s overall authority.

Learn from the Best to Become the Best

How do you know a content marketing course is a good one? It does more than just make you better at creating endless editorial calendars and brainstorming topics. It helps you become better at your business, whether you’re a writer, a marketer, or an expert in your niche.

I’ve just covered eight benefits that you’ll enjoy when you take the Content Strategy and Marketing Course. From learning the secrets of the trade to gaining additional, high-value skills not taught in other courses, you’ll get 88 tips to get that brand in your industry’s spotlight.

So, go ahead. Take the next steps you need to build your empire and thrive. View the Curriculum right here.

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