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​It’s that time…

Time to update my course curriculum for my team, mentees, students, and all the incredible, hard-working people I teach. 🔥

My story of getting into teaching is rather simple.

Back in 2017, after working full-time for five years as a self-taught content marketer, entrepreneur, and author, I began to teach.

I was first a practitioner, a daily implementer, building my businesses slowly but surely through content marketing that offered tremendous value to my audience.

I never considered teaching till one of my clients called me and asked me to come teach his office my skills. This prompted the entire idea of looking into, then building, online courses that taught skillsets that were immediately ready to implement. New here? Read my story.

And today, we have over 700 students between both of my schools — The Expert SEO Content Writer, and The Content Strategy & Marketing Course.

Honored barely describes it!

Let’s get into my curriculum updates, a quick rundown of the THREE new experts I’ve invited to collab on powerful new lessons, the reasoning behind why I commit to teaching cutting-edge content marketing and strategy skills, what’s up with this hot market, and more.

Summer updates to the Content Strategy & Marketing Course

Why Learn Content Strategy & Marketing?

First, let’s talk about why content marketing is so critical to learn and understand to grow our businesses.

Content marketing is an industry set to be worth over $400 BILLION by 2021 (less than one year away). And it’s predicted to be worth another $269.24 billion during 2020-2024! (See this in-depth Technavio report.)

Facts: You could hire my writing team to do content for you — and save yourself the headache of doing it all. (I use and hire my own writing team for our content marketing creation daily!)

But, if you’re a DIY’er, it’s much better to do it all with a strategy.

When it comes to building a content marketing plan and SEO writing, there’s billions of Google results on HOW to do it, WHAT to do, etc.

How do you know you’re trusting the right source? How do you know all — or any — of those millions of recommendations will actually end up in real profits? (And not the other way around? 💸)

I was one of those DIY’ers, trying to comprehend the masses of information at the beginning. And it wasn’t until I got clear on my strategy that my content actually got profitable. (Watch the full story of what happened BEFORE I got strategic in my free masterclass.)

If you’re ready to learn every step in building content that achieves profits (e.g., bottom-line GROWTH), then you’re in the right place.

My courses teach you the best, most long-term path to real results from your online content. Not a gimmick or marketing term here. I built them that way, and we get the best stories from students proving this training works.

Three Guest Experts Added for 2020: Learn How to Build an Agency from Scratch, UX Website Techniques (Advice on Popups, Too) & UX Writing

Every year, I take the time to make sure both of my courses get updated with the latest and best tools, advice, and methods.

Never does it need to be completely re-hauled, because I focus on teaching timeless foundations. My evergreen perspective helps my students succeed, long-term. But I take the time to add to and improve the training, making it stronger and more relevant for cutting-edge entrepreneurs, strategists, content creators, and freelancers in today’s era.

This season, in fact, I’ve been hard at work on my Content Strategy & Marketing Course curriculum to make it even stronger and better for my students. (We have a brand new website in the works, too! FYI: The price of the course is going up soon. Enroll now while it’s still under $1000/seat.)

Back in 2017, I built the entire Content Strategy & Marketing Course with evergreen methodologies.

I surveyed my audience before structuring it, and they told me what they wanted to learn and how — down to the very Brand Strategy Exercises we built that makes the course unique and hands-on.

(See a list of our skill-building BSEs here.)

Bonus: I’m not the only expert teaching this course. I believe power in learning comes from a variety of expertise, especially on a topic this in-depth, and I’m working hard to bring that directly to you — my students. We already have six guest experts, and —

This month, we’re adding THREE new guest teachers to the curriculum, who are packing a punch when it comes to the value they’re teaching our students. 🔥

Accessible to all students, new students and our alumni, we’re launching three new lessons by the mid-May 2020 with three new experts, that will come alongside our existing guest experts to teach new lessons on building an agency from scratch, building a website that converts, UX writing secrets, and more!

content strategy & marketing course teachers

All lessons are recorded personally with me interviewing the expert. I think like my students, get in their shoes, and ask every question YOU would from this expert. You’ll learn immediately actionable lessons relevant to today and tomorrow.

Here’s a look at some of our new expert teachers:

  • Veronica Camara, Founder & Lead Content Strategist at AVO Content Strategy Agency. Veronica has worked as a content strategist in-house at a Fortune 500 financial company, and led content management for SaaS startups. Today, she leads strategy on every project for clients in finance, eComm, EdTech and FinTech.
  • David Martin, Lead UX Strategist and the founder of UXHacks.com, where he guides clients on how to build high-converting websites. He’s been a UX hacker and UI designer/strategist for eight years, created multiple plugins and backends from scratch, and helped put together some of the highest-converting course pages… EVER!
  • Ryan Stewart, founder of WEBRIS, who has built and scaled multiple businesses with SEO. He grew an eCommerce site to 1.2 million organic visits per month, and sold that business successfully to a competitor in 2017. He built and scaled his own SEO agency WEBRIS from scratch to $1.1M in ARR in 16 months, and sold it in early 2018. He’s consulted to grow sales at multiple companies, founded a WordPress plugin Capture & Convert, and today runs The Blueprint Training, an online training platform that helps over 3,000 digital agencies scale their business through process, automation and technology.

These experts gave me 10x insider content when I interviewed them for our course guest expert training module.

We’re hard at work on the video production, summary/cheat sheets and co-creating resource files with the educators.

All of our new lessons are in production now! They will be live inside the curriculum for you to watch and put to use estimated May 19, 2020.

Lesson & New Content Tool Recommendation I’ve Added to The Content Strategy & Marketing Course

We also have a brand new video lesson researched, filmed and put together by yours truly, added to our curriculum.

You can find it in Module 5: Practical Content Creation (Your Site & Guest Platforms)​, and it’s the 3rd lesson in the list.

If you’re in The Content Strategy & Marketing Course, click below to go straight to the new lesson in the curriculum:

How to Find Hot Topics Using Brian Dean’s ExplodingTopics.com (Free Tool)​

If you’re in my Course Bundle for The Content Strategy & Marketing Course + The Expert SEO Content Writer, click below to go straight to the new lesson:

How to Find Hot Topics Using Brian Dean’s ExplodingTopics.com (Free Tool)​​

Essentially, I’m sharing with you how I’m training my Express Writers’ agency Content Strategists on a BRAND NEW content discovery tool…

And using it myself to add hot, hot topics to our content calendar!

This is set to be a game-changer!

Most of you already probably know Brian Dean — if not, definitely add him to your reading list. He’s one of the top 3 leaders I follow in SEO (alongside Jon Morrow of smartblogger.com and Rand Fishkin). He recently bought and partnered with the creator of a really cool new content discovery tool, Exploding Topics:

The data in this tool literally sorts through the masses of Google Trends ​FOR ​you. It’s a true gamechanger!

Lock in Your Lifetime Seat!

Ready to learn skills that WORK? Lock in your lifetime seat to all of my additions — including in-depth, relevant lessons from these rockstar guest experts! — today.

End the guesswork of creating profitable content.

Add a blueprint and systems to your arsenal.

Let’s rock out in this online era — and leverage it to build our brands in a MASSIVE way.


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